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Bahamas Beach Front Apartments

Coral Sands Luxury Villa & Apartments

Coral Sands Accommodation

Master Lounge

Lazing on the Beach
  • Whole house for up to 10 or apartments for 2-6 persons.
  • Directly on best beach.
  • Spacious and luxury accommodation.
  • Close to shops and Georgetown.

Sandy Palms Apartments and Condo

Sandy Palms Accommodation

Go Boating

Feeding the Turtles
  • Apartments for 2 to 10 persons.
  • Directly on best beach on Exuma.
  • Free, unlimited Wifi.
  • Close to shops and Georgetown.

Sunset Beach Villa
Long Island

The Sunset Beach Villa

Perfect Sunsets

Perfect Sunsets
  • Spacious villa or apartments.
  • Directly on a beautiful beach.
  • Whole house for up to 10, or apartments for 2-5.
  • Wonderful sunsets from deck.